Corrupt Church: The Ophelian Imperium

So, why don’t vampires freak out when a girl is menstruating? According to Word of God, it’s “dead blood.” Breaking Dawn: Vampires don’t have any blood in their tissues, so Edward shouldn’t be able to get an erection in the first place. Also, Meyer has said that Vampires’ cells don’t divide, but sperm is created by a type of cell division called meiosis, which means that Vampire men shouldn’t be able to get women pregnant repeatedly a la Nahuel’s father. Vampire venom at one point was stated to replace all fluids in the body which is why it turns into a sparkly rock like substance. The US version and the UK version are not mutually exclusive: humans could have gone off into space and diverged into multiple “alien” species over the millions of years, thus rendering Homo sapiens to be extinct while leaving other species of humans alive. Artistic License Biology: Some of the documentary’s predictions are, to say the least, less than likely. For instance, it’s quite unlikely for all mammals to be simply outcompeted into total extinction by other vertebrates in the way depicted in the show, and certainly quite impossible for arthropods and cephalopods to totally displace vertebrates in general in all large animal niches.

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