Used offset machines from various brands will be available if

Weiryn petitioned the other gods to let her become a minor goddess instead of going to the Black God. She’s now known as the Green Lady and watches over mothers and childbirth in her old village. Asleep for Days: This happens to Daine multiple times, from calling forth the Kraken, overusing shapeshifting abilities, and moving between the mortal and divine realms. Enfante Terrible: Subverted. Lilith seems to be a cute little blonde girl who terrorizes people and kills things for upsetting her in any way. Technically, though, Lilith herself is an ancient demon simply messing with people with her choice of hosts rather than an actual, human, evil child. Infinity +1 Sword: A special Power Up in Big Boo’s Secret, almost certainly the last location visited, upgrades Mario’s fireballs to the equivalent of Yoshi’s fire ability. Lock and Key Puzzle: This hack is what made this trope so popular in Super Mario World hacks in general. Many levels and secret exits require you to move several P Switches, keys, and springboards throughout the level in a specific order.

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