”Thirty Hs” provides examples of:Action Prologue: Begins with

Berserk Button: Do not even think about hurt or harm Asuka or Rei in some way, shape or form. Or else Shinji will not be nice to you. Zeruel found out the hard way. The guy who wrote it does stuff with puppets. It’s about what you’d expect it to be.”Thirty Hs” provides examples of:Action Prologue: Begins with Harry and Dobby, wearing “space armour” adorned with groinsaws and lightning spitting skulls, fighting astronauts from hell. It only gets more ridiculous from there. You are required to beat your own course from the start and from each checkpoint to upload it. This is to keep unwinnable courses from being uploaded. Due to the formidable skill and luck required for the Super Expert courses in 100 Mario challenge, only six of them have to be beaten.

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