An Aesop: It’s better to give than to receive

What Happened to the Mouse?: Goremand. A scene where he spoiled the ending and got a proper exit was Dummied Out. World Tree: The Mana Tree.. They record a sexual tryst he’s rather unwillingly having with his best friend’s wife. Later, they’re playing it back as the friend is just outside on a bicycle he concludes his wife is having an affair with a florist. Spotting the Thread: Inverted and Played with. The original story never warranted a sequel. Almost attained a sequel, obviously due to the success of the original. Thankfully, the powers that be were wise enough to put a halt to it. When Jeremy finds out about this through a TV report on Christmas Day, he is at first outraged by this. But upon hearing how much the kids of the swamp town are willing to thank whoever wrote to Santa about them, it makes him feel better than any gift ever could. An Aesop: It’s better to give than to receive.

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