Playing Sick: Sydelle Pulaski and her “wasting disease

David vs. Goliath: Shantelle Taylor’s return to Battle Angels leading to the inevitable match against Jessicka Havok for the title belt Taylor never lost, though this was back during the rail thin days of the so called German Giant. Shantelle vs Hailey Rogers in Border City was a little straighter except that they quickly became friends. Embrace the idea. Sing about it. Dance to the music and immerse yourself in the beauty of life on this earth.. Playing Sick: Sydelle Pulaski and her “wasting disease.” Pretty in Mink: Grace Wexler during the reading of the will. Private Detective: Judge Ford hires one to investigate the other heirs, in hope of figuring out what Westing was up to. The detective is Otis Amber, who’s secretly been working for Westing (under two names) as well as Judge Ford.

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Replica Designer Handbags Curtain Clothing: A variant where the tramp uses the bed sheet as clothing. Department of Child Disservices: The evil Social Service workers who want to separate Chaplin from John. His mother left him in what she thought was a car of a rich family, but it was stolen by a couple of criminals. Lohengrin and Mendelssohn: Obvious choices for Betsy and Joe’s wedding, given Cheap Valentino that her sister is an opera star. Love Triangle: The major crux of Betsy and Joe. Mary Sue: In universe example. Piss Take Rap: “Aaron Kelly’s Boner” has one sung by the titular character. Rule of Funny Running Gag: Plenty. Notable examples include characters being described as “just a sack of old sacks”, Thomas and Alfred hating cows, George Irving going “Oooooaaaah”, and people being thrown in the fire/the sun Replica Designer Handbags.

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