The Sentinels beating a Dallas team whose entire team has

Artistic License Physics: Trico and his fellow species look way too heavy to be able to fly. Somehow Trico stepping at a cart the boy is standing on causes the latter to be flung several feet straight up in the air when really he should have just been flung backwards. Attack the Tail: During the second Boss Battle, the Boy has to drop a gate on top of the darker Trico’s tail in order to make it let the main Trico go. The Washington Redskins actually won three games without any of their regular players, and went on to Super Bowl XXII. They won, but the movie doesn’t actually go that far. The Sentinels beating a Dallas team whose entire team has crossed the picket line is true. Octavia and Big Macintosh are attracted to each other, but neither is comfortable with advancing their relationship to anything serious. Shrinking Violet: Fluttershy, of course, but also Big Mac, due to teasing about his size when he was younger. The Smart Guy: Vinyl, who acts as the team strategist.

Replica Valentino Handbags Anachronic Order: Harriet Tubman gives a speech about her life story in 2.06, but in 2.09 we see her praying as she’s preparing Replica Designer Handbags to give that speech. Anti Villain: August Pullman, to an extent. He’s the slave catcher sent to find the Macon runaways, though he gets a lot of humanizing moments, especially with his son Ben. Da Editor: In the Ted Knight Show era episodes, where Henry and Muriel are part owners of the Marin Bugler, a weekly newspaper. Henry is the editor and Muriel is a photographer. Deadpan Snarker: Henry, Jackie and Muriel have their occasional moments. Artistic License Physics: Ridiculed with Guy’s super jump in Episode 3. Berserk Button: If the events of the promo carry over into future episodes, then Mieu’s will be calling him cute. Biggus Dickus: Mieu, by his own account. Replica Valentino Handbags

Wholesale Replica Bags He views it as an obnoxious habit, much like smoking, and warns Gwen when she proposes to him that she’ll have to deal with him when he gets the itch. No Party Like a Donner Party: Richard has a black stain on his soul in a particularly desperate moment, his squad was forced into cannibalism to survive. Lazarus arranges to remove it. Decapitated Army: If you are able to get to Marco and choose to kill him, informing his soldiers of this fact will instantly cause them to surrender. Defeat Equals Friendship: When you meet Severin, he’s eager to sell Kenna to Prince Marco, dead or alive. After beating him in combat and sparing him, he swears his loyalty to her. Freudian Excuse: Hoss hates monsters because a monster scared him when he was little and made him wet the bed for thirty years. For the Evulz: Bun Bun isn’t given much motivation for scaring Hoss when he was little, making Billy afraid of spiders and sawing off Fred Fredburger’s tusks. Hypocritical Humor: Hoss Delgado doesn’t trust “one eyed weridos” despite the fact that he himself only has one eye Wholesale Replica Bags.

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